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Services We Provide

  • Mercedes Flex Services

  • BMW Services

  • Computer Diagnostics & Repair

  • A/C & Heating Services

  • Suspension Repair

  • Break Repair

  • Convertible Roof Repair

  • Engine, Transmission, & Driveshaft

  • Oil changes

  • Realignment

  • And more!

Got a problem that isn't listed? There's still a good chance we can fix it. Stop on by, or reach us through email or phone, and ask.

Shuttle Services:

- We offer temporary cars you can use to commute to work or home while we work on your car

- Also offer a shuttle service, we can drive you to your desired location while we fix your car! Up to 20 miles within shop radius

Pick Up/Drop Off:

- We will pick up your car or drop it off right at your door! Up to 20 miles roundtrip within shop radius

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